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We assure you that we will brighten up your rooms by providing the best upholstery and carpet cleaning services while adopting the latest techniques in cleaning and repairing of your carpets and rugs. All these years, by providing high-quality services, we have built a strong bond of understanding and goodwill with our clients as they are quite satisfied with our results. Not only do we clean the rugs, carpets or other valuable items, we also make sure they get the best attention.
From stubborn stains to pungent pet odors, put our experience, product knowledge, and incredible attention to detail to work for you and get comprehensive carpet cleaning solutions you can count on. Receive the affordable prices, extensive cleaning capabilities, and friendly, professional service you deserve for all your fabric and flooring cleaning requirements. Discover why Common Cents Carpet Cleaning is the only name you need to know.


During this time, our mission has remained constant: to offer the easiest and highest quality service in the carpet cleaning areas that we proudly service. We still make every effort to provide the most hassle-free carpet and upholstery cleaning service at the most competitive pricing using safe, non-toxic products.
To accomplish this in such a competitive industry, we decided early on to only use certified technicians. Therefore, when a technician arrives at your house or office, they have been trained, certified, and fully understand our service guarantee. Because of this, when we send someone to your residence, we are certain you will be greeted by the most knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful technician possible.

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We assure you that we will brighten up your rooms by providing the best upholstery and carpet cleaning services. Our team is polite and focused on making your environment look its best. Our team of experts are professionally trained, licensed, bonded, & insured. As experts in our field, we are committed to keeping up with best practices and providing our customers with quality service at value prices.
Get your Tile & Grout, Vents, Cars, & RVs cleaned by Common Cents, and you’ll save there as well.

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