Carpet Cleaning Services in Sandy, UT

Person performing carpet cleaning services in Draper, UT

Also Serving Salt Lake Valley, Holladay, Bountiful, North Salt Lake, Lehi and Alpine

In order to keep your fluffy and beautiful carpets in great condition for years to come, you should make sure they get the care they require. One of the things that you should do is have them professionally cleaned at least twice a year. However, if there are any members of your family that have allergies or respiratory problems, you should have the carpets cleaned even more regularly. Just remember – regular vacuuming and cleaning the carpets with store-bought products will not cut it.

There are contaminants and microorganisms that can get deep into the fibers of the carpet that can only be removed with the use of special equipment and products.

Soiled carpets are unsightly, can cause odors in your home and also wreak havoc on the life of your carpet. By getting your carpets professionally cleaned by Common Cents Carpet Cleaning, you are providing your family with more comfort, beautifying your property and ensuring your carpet lasts for many years to come.

We offer the latest technology in carpet cleaning and highly trained technicians who will pre-inspect the carpet in your home to make certain you have an accurate quote. Our cleaning process is safe for both pets & children,  non-toxic, very mild and mostly plant-derived solutions for stain treatments that are all heat activated by water to increase the extraction of dirt and stains 10- fold.  Common Cents Carpet cleaning has the most powerful equipment that is truck mounted as well as some portable steam cleaning machines, we are fast, efficient and use this technology to clean deep stains and pet odors that are embedded.  This combination is safe and effective system to deep clean and remove dirt and impurities, giving your home cleaner and healthier environment.  It will leave your carpet residue free with only a small amount of water left on the carpet and will dry with in few hours.  We are the experts in cleaning carpet, upholstery, tile/grout and airduct cleaning.  We, from Common Cents Carpet Cleaning, will ensure the cleanliness of your carpets and will make them look like new again. We choose the cleaning products we use depending on the type of the carpet and its condition so we can deliver the best possible results. In case there are any spots, we will treat them first, and once we remove them, we will clean every inch of the carpet. When this is done regularly, the carpet will keep its color, fluffiness, and will not stretch. Thanks to this, you will not have to change your carpets every few years and will enjoy the ones you have currently for a long, long time!

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